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Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

Each person who comes the Sedation Dentistry practice will have a positive experience.

We are conscious of the fact that some patients experience tremendous anxiety and fear when having dental treatment done, which may deter them from seeing the dentist.

Because of this, we offer sedation dentistry at all of our locations.  In order to improve patients’ dental health and the appearance of their smiles, we can help them feel at ease and stress-free during their dental sessions by using dental sedation treatments.

What to Do If You’re Afraid of the Dentist?

Tens of millions of Americans are thought to experience anxiety or phobia related to dental procedures.

These patients periodically experience panic episodes or extreme levels of anxiety when going to the dentist, and they frequently completely miss their visits.

Sedation dentistry will enable these patients to receive the required dental care while feeling incredibly relaxed.

various levels of sedation in dentistry

Every customer has different needs for dental treatment and levels of anxiety, thus we offer a range of dental sedation to suit them.

These different levels of sedation might offer light, conscious sedation or shallow, painless relaxation.

Options to Suit a Range of Needs

To achieve these various levels of sedation dentistry at our facilities, the following options could be considered:


Using nitrous oxide to sedate (laughing gas)

an oral tranquilizer

Intravenous (IV) sedation anesthesia


During a consultation, the best dental sedation option for your needs will be chosen.  Contact us for sedation dentistry in the area.

To determine if dental sedation is the right option for you, you should speak with a member of the Sedation Dentistry team. Throughout your appointment, we will use every effort to make your treatment as calming and anxiety-free as we can.

To find out more about the various dental sedation options, get in touch with our sedation dentistry facility in your neighborhood right away.