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Sedation Dentistry Questions


Sedation Dentistry Questions

Sedation is used to calm a person down and help them feel at ease.
Anesthesia is used to stop pain.
The patient can relax and not feel any pain during the dental appointment.

Yes, it’s completely safe as long as it’s performed by a trained and licensed medical professional. As your trusted dentist, your safety is our number one concern, and you will be closely monitored to ensure your safety under sedation.

We use two different types of sedation: Inhalation conscious sedation uses nitrous gas that you inhale to create a sense of euphoria, although you will be aware of what is going on around you. Oral sedation uses a pill that you take orally and works in a matter of minutes.

The time frame you are sedated usually ranges between one and six hours, depending on the type of dental work you are having done. Your Maplewood dentist is an expert and will provide you with the appropriate amount of sedation needed for your treatment.